Chelsea, Chelsea!


Last Wednesday I was able to go to a Chelsea match against Nordsjaelland, which was very exciting! We wrapped up in tons of layers and drank hot chocolate to warm up in the cold. We had amazing seats (lower west 7th row!) and everyone around us was incredibly nice which is kind of funny because I think us Americans view football fans as crazy and rowdy, but our crowd was quite the opposite for this game. Chelsea ended up winning the match 6-1, but it was not enough to keep them in the Champions League. So it was a great game to watch, but kind of bittersweet for the fans.

Sorry all of the pictures are literally the same thing, and the lights for the field completely distort each of them, boo!

But like any sports game, it is the coolest to see the players you watch on TV from time to time playing right there in front of you. It was my first live football match and it will probably be a bit until my next, but if you are planning on studying abroad in London in the future you have to get football tickets!





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