Best Sights and Tastes from Spain

After spending three months abroad I am looking forward to relaxing a bit before I head back to school. I have some ideas for the blog in 2013, but for now here are some picture highlights from the last leg of my travels this semester in Spain. Included are some of my favorite sites from the trip as well as my favorite dishes. Can’t explain why, but somehow foie gras will always be more exiting for me on vacation than a cathedral, unless it’s La Sagrada Familia that is. Have a great New Year wherever you are celebrating this year and see you next year!

IMG_1044 IMG_1062 IMG_1081 IMG_1098 IMG_1101 IMG_1106 IMG_3029 IMG_3033 IMG_1131 IMG_1138 IMG_1145 IMG_1160 IMG_1168 IMG_3043 IMG_3070 IMG_3078 IMG_3094 IMG_1248 IMG_1275 IMG_3136 IMG_3137 IMG_3140 IMG_3142 IMG_3143 IMG_3150 IMG_3242 IMG_3244 IMG_3183 IMG_3252 IMG_3257 IMG_3256 IMG_3259 IMG_3260 IMG_3261 IMG_3263 IMG_3265 IMG_3266 IMG_3267 IMG_3220 IMG_3269 IMG_3228 IMG_3274


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