Updated Flickr and Brainstorming

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 1.26.23 PM

I just added over 100 new pictures to my Flickr account which you can view by clicking through the tab above labeled, you guessed it, Flickr. The other day I realized I have not updated my profile there in quite some time so it was time for an update. It was actually quite nice looking through all my old pictures from the summer and this past semester, so many memories that could easily get lost are instead memorialized in a way through images.

This past year I was able to travel and grow–and I want my blog to be similar. As I approach another new semester I hope to bring something different to the blog. I hope my studies inspire more personal content, that questions and considers as much as I post about films I want to see or desserts I am currently making. So if content here is less often, remember it does not mean I am not brainstorming away.



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