6×4 Artwork Inspiration

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 12.27.15 PM

In a few days I return to school, which means time to live in the dorms again. While not entirely thrilling, it’s my last semester living the dorms so I want to make the best out of this last semester.

Making prints of your favorite images can really liven up a dorm room and can be a source for creative inspiration. I did this last semester, and I recommend doing something similar for all students that go abroad. But you don’t need to be traveling to another country to give your room some uniqueness and style.

I like to create a folder of images using a mixture of my own images combined with some collected throughout the internet. Tumblr, Pinterest and all of your favorite websites and blogs can be perfect places to find images that you love. You can print them out at home or go to your local photography store or drugstore which will be able to have prints made for you for a small price. I had 50 6x4s printed in an hour for only $10. Small price to pay for some art to liven the space.



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