Thoughts on a 300th Post

In preparation for my upcoming 300th post I wanted to do something special.

I wanted to pay tribute to one of my most popular posts on my website, the chocolate birthday whoopie pies. Not only was this post popular, but it was fun to make and even more so to enjoy. I even brought them into work over the summer and shared them with a group of self-professed whoppie experts.

They were a hit.

But you know me, a recipe becomes quite boring if you just leave it be. It’s a winner of a treat, but for this post I wanted to change it up. I bought lavender oil and found some sparkling sugar crystals and set out to make a lavender version of my favorite whoopie pie recipe yet. But in adapting the recipe, it just didn’t work and since I was leaving back to school I did not have the time to perfect my mistakes.

And this gets me to what this post should have really been about. Something I feel so adamantly about is that it is always better to take a chance rather than play it safe. There is nothing gained from looking on without putting your whole self into something.Even though I have less and less time to update during the semester I have grown more and more proud of this little space I have carved for myself on the internet. It is nothing that has to conform to anything, or even my own expectations, it is just a space of imagination and of musing. Even though there is no recipe to go with this post I think reflection has as much of a place to be here.

And I’ll try to put less lavender oil in the batter next time.


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