Cool Team-Up: Beyonce and The United Nations

A couple weeks ago I was able to go the UN at work, and I am so glad I went along. Our tour guide was incredibly informative, making clear the gravity of human rights issues around the globe. We were lucky to see where the General Assembly and Security Council meet to discuss issues from universal traffic signals to border control and war. Anything you can think of has been debated and spoken about at the UN, so maybe Beyonce is not too far of a stretch.

While World Humanitarian Day was August 19th, this collaboration is too cool not to mention. Beyonce transformed the General Assembly in the UN into a stage, performing her song “I Was Here” in honor for the day. In addition, anyone who had a humanitarian story to tell that day was able to drop pin their location, and say how they were doing good for others nearby on the World Humanitarian Day website.

Watch Beyonce’s stunning performance here, and visit the World Humanitarian Day’s website to learn more and view the results on the world map!



Cool Team-Up: Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark

This past weekend was a special treat as I got to see Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark. Again.

Yes, again. I first went last year during previews, and I was thinking what everyone else was thinking. There were so many problems (and they even stopped two minutes into the show) but it was so fascinating. Transformative costumes and unique takes on perspective with the set design were definite standouts. The leads, Reeve Carney and Jennifer Damiano impressed with their voices as well as their commitment to their roles. But certain things were amiss. Besides the obvious issues when they stopped the show, there were certain story issues. The Greek Chorus was distracting, I wanted more of the Green Goblin, and the ending fell extremely flat.

Seems that reworking the show was actually beneficial. Now there is clarity in addition to the spectacular talent and creativity. When I went for the second time Rebecca Faulkenberry was Mary Jane Watson and Carney’s alternate, Matthew James Thomas, was Peter Parker. They made an adorable couple, and really carried the show. The aerial stunts are impressive reflecting the thrilling and surprising nature of the show. You never know what is coming next. Even with the pruning the script when through nothing is necessarily predictable visually, even when you know Spiderman is going to save the day. The corrections were all made for good, and I would suggest going now that the show is set. Just please leave the little kids at home, I don’t think I have ever witnessed so much fidgeting, crying and parents leaving the theater before in a Broadway theater.

Cool Team-Up: Chloe and the New York City Ballet

Pretty is something I am craving as we come quickly into fall. The fall leaves are gorgeous, but I have to really appreciate them; Once they are gone I have to wait until spring. And I am not quite patient with the weather!

But along with my love of all things beautiful, fashion and dance are certainly up there. I cannot wait until I get back to dance classes at school and I can wear all of my fall fashion finds. So I am celebrating all of those things with this video from Nowness, Bon Duke, Block, Choreographer and NYCB corps member Justin Peck, and NYCB Principal dancer Janie Taylor sporting Chloe’s spring/summer 2011 collection. A complex collaboration indeed for a simple and captivating video. The collection was inspired by dance, which is quite evident with its tight leotard tops and flowing, sheer skirts. The collection contains so many beautiful pieces, but my favorites are the draped dresses and skirts in simple colors of nudes and white. Who wouldn’t feel like a beautiful dancer in one of those?

I love the video because it is so simple yet poignant. This is exactly why we need ballet. Those shapes, those lifts, the perfect beauty. That’s all ballet. And the clothing moves expertly along. Simple movements, in the studio atmosphere with changing outfits. Yes, yes, yes!

Watch the video up above, and check out the collection that inspired the video here:

Cool Team-Up: Ok Go & Pilobolus

It is always entertaining to see artists team-up and create work together. It is probably even more entertaining when the two artists works in different mediums. Such is the case with OK Go’s video featuring the awesome dance group Pilobolus. Last night I was able to see them perform this live during a Pilobolus show at the Joyce Theater in the city. They filmed the video from below as the dancers and the band slide across a glass table making shapes with their bodies. OK Go is always creative with their music videos (Hello Treadmill Dance) and Pilobolus never fails to impress with their alternative visions (You might know them from their performance at the Academy Awards a few years back making shapes out of their bodies to represent the Best Movie Nominations) so to see the both of them together was such a creative and truly awesome moment. Watch the video above, but check out some other OK Go and Pilobolus videos while you’re at it.