Daily Photo: Weekend Edition

Last weekend I went to Boston to visit a very good friend from school. I haven’t been able to explore the city as much as I would have liked to, as I was only visiting for family events or college trips. It was nice to experience more than the typical tourist spots, cruising through those to see more interesting aspects of Boston and the greater Boston area.

It was a rocky start (with a 3.5 hour rain delay on the train), but I was able to cruise through some of the Greenway parks, eat a cannoli or two, and snag a steal of a lobster roll at Sullivan’s right by the water. For more treats and memories, look below.



Daily Photo

It might have been a zoo, but for those who knew how to make the best of it, The Great Googa Mooga was just fine. I got my hands on some treats such as Tebasaki “Japanese Style” chicken wings from Kasadela,a pulled pork sandwich with their flavorful corn from a personal favorite Num Pang, and a too salty but juicy burger with Roquefort and shoestrings from The Spotted Pig. Below are more of my pics from the weekend.