Songs on Repeat: Beyoncé’s Diva

Last night FlyPeople (the dance group I am a part of on campus) performed in a Beyoncé musical. It was a sort of impromptu, campy sort of event with tons of skits, dancing, and laughs. We performed to the song above, and the turnout to the event was great. Sometimes I think Vassar should have more of these drama camp style events that are fun for both the people performing and those watching.

Songs on Repeat: Queen I Want to Break Free

Oh Queen, how I love you so. I don’t think there ever is a time I don’t want to listen to Queen. Also, this video is completely crazy.

Another thing that is completely crazy? I’m traveling abroad tomorrow! I hope to blog rather regularly about my travels so check back often for updates, pictures, and insights about my time across the pond. See you on the other side!

Songs on Repeat: Florence + the Machine Cosmic Love

So excited to be visiting campus today, especially to see the new dancers in Flypeople! Auditions are always stressful, but what could be more fun than adding members to the flamily?

I’m also incredibly excited to see Florence + the Machine this weekend. I co-choreographed a dance piece to this song, but I think hearing this live will be a whole different experience. Florence is fierce and I am sure her tour will reflect her personality and larger than life sound.

Enjoy the holiday weekend for all of those gathering with friends and family.

Songs on Repeat: Lenka Anything I’m Not

I think it was a year ago that I first blogged about Lenka, a super sweet Aussie singer whose songs of love and finding yourself really struck a chord with me. It has been a while since I did a full listen of her albums, but recently the itch came back to me. Nothing gets old about her songs, and I especially love listening in the morning for a perfect start to my day. Hopefully this will bring you a perfect start to the Holiday weekend, too.

Songs on Repeat: Givers Up Up Up

I intended to post this in the morning, but while I was feeling Up Up Up, my internet was feeling down down down.

But we are back in business, for now at least.

I love upbeat pop music, so naturally I would like this band from Louisiana. This song is my favorite of theirs, it’s cheery and definitely puts me in a great mood for the coming weekend.

Songs on Repeat: Aerosmith Cryin’

This summer has been so busy, so I’ve missed being able to cook and bake as much as I did last summer. Today I had the day off so naturally I decided to made two crazy delicious salsas for dinner and blast Aerosmith throughout the entire house. You will be able to look at those recipes on Monday morning right here on the blog, but for now enjoy the sound of one of my favorite Aerosmith songs.

Songs on Repeat: Fastball The Way

Taking you into the weekend with a quick song.

You know those moments when you remember melodic bits of a song, but for the life of you, cannot remember any other details? This happened to me with this song, not because its not memorable, but because it has been so long since I first heard it. But something stuck, and when I recently heard it on the radio I knew I had to remember it this time. It’s a great song really, and even though Fastball has hit its peak, I’ve enjoyed listening to their, sometimes dark, pop rock hits.

Songs on Repeat: Marina & The Diamonds “Radioactive”

I was a huge fan of this chick last summer; one listen and you might have a hard time resisting as well. So I might have been a tad giddy when I realized her new album was available with sixteen new songs, including remixes! Of all the pop songs this summer, Radioactive is definitely one of my favorites. Not quite sure this album will live up to her first one, but there is no doubt that Marina is creating thoughtful and critical pop songs in a sea of bubblegum and auto tune.