Watch. Read. Present.

Tomorrow, the last day of classes. Always bittersweet–especially for those that have been inspiring this past semester.

Watch: The Band’s Visit, an Israeli film directed by Eran Kolirin from 2007. Touching, though slow.

Read: Zoomscape by Mitchell Schwarzer. A survey of the urban landscape from railroads, automobiles, and airplanes.

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Present: Food Trucks: Social Media, Experience and Location in the Urban Environment. A Visual Urbanism project that I am going to present on tomorrow. Not quite finished with this one yet!


At Task.

The very scary truth is that there are only two and half more weeks of the school year. While this semester has been relentless with assignments (hence a lack of blogging), there have been too many enjoyable moments to chronicle. Yesterday was Founder’s Day, and I think each year the one before is surpassed by the former. In the next two weeks or so, I hope to post about what I am working on, and maybe just some beautiful images of the campus from time to time.

This past week I wrote an essay about memory and the graphic novel Waltz with Bashir. One of the perks of a liberal arts education is that I have been able to read, watch, and analyze such an array of materials, and this is no exception. If you have not had the opportunity to explore Waltz with Bashir yet you must. I first saw the film around a year ago, and I have to say I prefer the graphic novel adaptation. It’s not necessarily a fun read, but the illustrations and story strike a chord.

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Currently Reading: The Lover–A.B.Yehoshua

CrossProcessed PhotoMore reading for class. This time it’s for my religion class, and it’s The Lover. Written by an acclaimed Israeli writer, this book tells the tell of a husband searching for his wife’s lover who has gone missing during the Yom Kippur war. Told from multiple perspectives, it is an engrossing read thus far. You would think that Israeli literature could be a bit one sided, but it is surprising how often it is critical of itself.


Thoughts on a 300th Post

In preparation for my upcoming 300th post I wanted to do something special.

I wanted to pay tribute to one of my most popular posts on my website, the chocolate birthday whoopie pies. Not only was this post popular, but it was fun to make and even more so to enjoy. I even brought them into work over the summer and shared them with a group of self-professed whoppie experts.

They were a hit.

But you know me, a recipe becomes quite boring if you just leave it be. It’s a winner of a treat, but for this post I wanted to change it up. I bought lavender oil and found some sparkling sugar crystals and set out to make a lavender version of my favorite whoopie pie recipe yet. But in adapting the recipe, it just didn’t work and since I was leaving back to school I did not have the time to perfect my mistakes.

And this gets me to what this post should have really been about. Something I feel so adamantly about is that it is always better to take a chance rather than play it safe. There is nothing gained from looking on without putting your whole self into something.Even though I have less and less time to update during the semester I have grown more and more proud of this little space I have carved for myself on the internet. It is nothing that has to conform to anything, or even my own expectations, it is just a space of imagination and of musing. Even though there is no recipe to go with this post I think reflection has as much of a place to be here.

And I’ll try to put less lavender oil in the batter next time.

Dorm Design

I would not necessarily call myself too savvy when it comes to decorating. My bedroom at home has been practically the same since I moved into it. But I get a bit more creative when I get to move into a new space. Upon returning back to campus I have a single bedroom all to myself, and I have to say I love it so far. I have these two giant windows that let in light during the day and the view looks out onto beautiful trees. The floors are a worn, dark wood, my closet is huge, and the ceilings are tall compared to last years attic room.


Well first of all, you know my last post? Above is all you need to add some design interest to your room. Just a bunch of pictures and some blue painters tape. You’ll see how I used the images in the pictures below!



Well, first look at my bed! With fluffy padding and tons of blankets its the most comfortable twin bed I have ever slept on. Plus it’s right by the window which I have always wanted, but with a roommate or the radiator being in the wrong place have never had.IMG_3319


And then, the desk area. This time around I think I am going to be utilizing my desk way more than I have in the past. (read: my desk in the past was more storage than desk) The right side the space functions as a vanity. The drawers contain toiletries, and everyday stuff like my hairbrush and blowdryer (sorry neighbors, yikes!) can chill on the side. I have no idea where the mirror came from, but I have used it every year, so I just propped it against the wall. Hanging off of the mirror is a cool wooden pipe I got while in Ecuador a couple years ago.

The lamp is in the middle with pencils and pens and my two little plastic busts of Debussy and Mozart I got from music school.

And then the left side of the desk is all serious business. Kept clear most of the time except for books and my computer–and the occasional coffee cup.



And more of the pictures, but here on the back of the door to my room. Just geometric, and slightly crooked.

So that was just a bit of my room, and examples of the images put into use in the space. I hope to blog more about college while I am here, since I have more semesters behind me than I have left. It would be great to look back at this in the future.

6×4 Artwork Inspiration

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 12.27.15 PM

In a few days I return to school, which means time to live in the dorms again. While not entirely thrilling, it’s my last semester living the dorms so I want to make the best out of this last semester.

Making prints of your favorite images can really liven up a dorm room and can be a source for creative inspiration. I did this last semester, and I recommend doing something similar for all students that go abroad. But you don’t need to be traveling to another country to give your room some uniqueness and style.

I like to create a folder of images using a mixture of my own images combined with some collected throughout the internet. Tumblr, Pinterest and all of your favorite websites and blogs can be perfect places to find images that you love. You can print them out at home or go to your local photography store or drugstore which will be able to have prints made for you for a small price. I had 50 6x4s printed in an hour for only $10. Small price to pay for some art to liven the space.


Updated Flickr and Brainstorming

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 1.26.23 PM

I just added over 100 new pictures to my Flickr account which you can view by clicking through the tab above labeled, you guessed it, Flickr. The other day I realized I have not updated my profile there in quite some time so it was time for an update. It was actually quite nice looking through all my old pictures from the summer and this past semester, so many memories that could easily get lost are instead memorialized in a way through images.

This past year I was able to travel and grow–and I want my blog to be similar. As I approach another new semester I hope to bring something different to the blog. I hope my studies inspire more personal content, that questions and considers as much as I post about films I want to see or desserts I am currently making. So if content here is less often, remember it does not mean I am not brainstorming away.