Twitter Obsession: @verymarykate

I like a creative parody like a fifty year old socialite likes wine.

All of the time people.

Ok, we survived that joke. Moving on…

Very Mary-Kate is a collection of comedy shorts that spoof celebrity culture, and in particular the Olsen twins. Written by Elaine Carroll and directed by Sam Reich, the series is well filmed and clever. At times witty, at others slapstick Very Mary-Kate is good for your sarcastic and pop culture obsessed friend. I alert the media post a Facebook status whenever a new video is posted, and it might be a tad bit obnoxious. But you need to let everyone know what you are passionate about, from comedy to the more serious stuff.

I turn to the twitter when I need my Very Mary-Kate fix between new videos. But please if you know what is good for you visit to watch every single video you can get your eyes on.


Twitter Obsession: @AngryBobbyFlay

I’m fairly new to actually accepting Twitter into my life. At first I thought it was just like Facebook sans everything except the status. Seems that I wasn’t giving it a fair shot.

Within seconds information can be spread to thousands of people and all it takes is for people to press a single button to follow. Sure celebrities are the ploy, but I find it a great resource for businesses as well as for grasping a global understanding of our culture. So here I start, Twitter Obsession. A space for pages that I find game changing, bringing something new for me to follow.

@AngryBobbyFlay is one of those twitter pages. I was absolutely devastated when the page closed for a bit this year, but it’s back up and labeled as a “parody”. I admit I love to indulge in the pretension of the food industry (obvious no?), but this does so in an unforgiving and hilarious manner. Sometimes aggressive, but mostly speaking the truth, this twitter brings humor to how in reality we do not really know any of these food celebrities.

Update: The account has now been suspended! I have no faith in humor anymore.