Must Have iPhone Apps: Continuity 2

If you know me well you know I like a good game. I have played Angry Birds, Temple Run, Cut the Rope. You name it, of course I have downloaded it.

I started playing Continuity 2 yesterday, and I. Just. Love. It. It is challenging enough to lure you in, and it is so satisfying to finish the levels. The goal is to collect the red key and then maneuver your little stick figure character to the red door. Very much easier said than done. You need to slide the pieces of the puzzle around like an old school tile puzzle in order to complete each level of the game. It will keep your brain working, and with its sleek design you won’t look like you are even playing just any typical game. Go here for more information about the game app.


Must Have iPhone Apps: Flipboard

Imagine a world where media content is designed just for you. You could receive up to date information about topics that really interest you rather than sifting through the obituaries and weather to get to the content.

I think Flipboard might have been made for me, and in a way it is. I can link my social media sites with Flipboard (think Twitter, Facebok, and Instagram) and the app will use that content to generate articles and other media content according to my interests. There is a section for general news, but there is also more specific categories that appeal to my interests: technology, food, photography, business, and film just to name a few. The app is constantly updating and is incredibly easy to use. Sleek design and valuable content, what else does there need to be?

Go to the App store to download, and look at some sample photos for a quick feel.

Must Have iPhone Apps: Immaculate Infatuation

So you want a place to eat but your best friend with all of the good recommendations is nowhere to be found. This would stump even the best of us, especially around the more touristy parts of NYC. Instead of settling for some crappy place that serve “authentic” this or “New York style” that, I would download the iPhone app from the guys over at Immaculate Infatuation.

Immaculate Infatuation is a food and restaurant blog run by Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal (from Scarsdale, hometown represent). What began as the two visiting restaurants before concerts has become a carefully curated and honest representation of establishments all around NYC and beyond. I have to admit I kind of teared up over their review of the Candlelight Inn. The night before I left for college there was nothing I wanted more than dozens of their perfect hot wings and waffle fries to soak up all of that sauce. Did the same this year too.

I have been to a couple of the restaurants on their list, some at their recommendation. I find that my tastes align with theirs often, so there hasn’t been a miss yet. The app is awesome because you have all of the features of the website in an intuitive mobile form. You can read up on recent reviews, look up restaurants they have reviewed in the past and even call up those restaurants that very night for a reservation. You can filter your choices through locations, proximity to different venues, types of cuisine, price, their rating, and other characteristics such as “good for big groups”, “adventurous eating” and “serious take-out operations” for example. The coolest feature is how the app is integrated into a map which shows you the restaurants nearby to your current location. They spit the truth, and they do it well. If you are interested in the restaurant scene in NYC in any manner (especially those who are just visiting for a couple days) I would suggest you take a look at this app. Sample images below, but just go ahead and download. Do it.

Must Have iPhone Apps: Cross Process

Time for a new blog topic, this should be a ritual for every break right? I need to think of something extra special for the summer then…

This past year I switched from the lovely Blackberry to the much more lovely iPhone. I love to stay up to date with my technology so it was time to change to the more media friendly option. Now that I have the iPhone I cannot imagine switching back, how would I navigate the city without it?! These posts will consist of my list of must have iPhone apps. Some of these are obvious iPhone apps and they will definitely differ from person to person but let me tell you what kind of person would love these apps. Do you like photography? Do you like food? Do you like all television and movies? Do you like ultra competitive games? These are for you.

So let us start with one of my favorite photography apps–Cross Process. I believe this app was a bit more pricy than the usual $0.99 but it is definitely worth it. This app shoots pictures just like the normal camera but you are able to put awesome filters onto the image that make the shots just a tad bit more dramatic. I personally like this photography app much more than some of the other popular choices. I like the rectangular shape of the photographs and the option to shoot using the basic white border makes the images look more fancy. You can add hints of green, red and even blue (my favorite!) to the image. You also have to choice to save the original image and you can apply these filters to pictures taken without the app.

Below are some of my images taken using the app. Check it out for yourself!